Top Websites for Freelancers

Top Websites for Freelancers

It was time to gather a broad list that meets the needs because quality is essential in the continually growing pool of internet-based jobs and freelancers.

Best Freelance Websites for All Services


Upwork is one of the biggest freelance marketplaces in the world, with over 5 million clients and over 12 million freelancers. Upwork is difficult to deal with simply because of its vast volume of freelancers and clients, who must take longer to find a suitable match. Average for Freelancers. Rate for Freelancers: $5–$100 per hour; Project Competition: Elevated The platform takes 5%–20%. For customers, the average review-based and optional tests for freelancer vetting are Hiring Process: 3–7 Days.


Clients can submit tasks on and select freelancers from various offers. Although there are plenty of opportunities to complete tasks on Freelancer, thanks to its large user base of over 16 million, new users may need help navigating due to its numerous costs—average for Freelancers. The rate for a freelancer is $200 per project. Rising Platform’s Share: 10%–20%. Hiring Process: 3–7 Days

Guru serves freelancers in IT, sales, and marketing and has 1.5 million members globally. Due in part to its smaller user base, offers fewer possibilities for completing projects and a worse search capability. Not average for Freelancers. Rate for Freelancers: $10-$200 per hour; Project Competition: Platform’s High Cut: 4.95%–8.95%

Upwork Freelancer Guru
Lots of freelancers, many skills, lower fees Well-known, good reputation, protects buyers Easy to use, affordable, many projects
Tough competition, finding good freelancers can be hard, escrow can be annoying Fewer freelancers, less variety, higher fees Freelancers might not be the best, payment system less secure

Best Freelance Websites for Writers


Problogger is the owner of a well-known freelance job portal. Problogger is an excellent way to get writing gigs, but it’s also an all-in-one solution for experienced blog professionals because it offers additional blog-related services.


Companies can hire writers with Scripted who specialize in creating content for blogs and social media platforms. Choosing a writer for a task is made simple with Scripted; however, if you need anything outside of their efficient process, some things could be improved. Average for Freelancers Rate for Individuals who freelance: $39 per post.

Writer Access

Companies may connect with over 15,000 independent authors through the content creation platform Writer Access. The platform benefits clients who need U.S. English writing because it filters applicants and exclusively hires writers in the United States. Average for Freelancers. Price per word: two to two dollars.

Feature Scripted Writer Access
Content Type Wide variety (blog posts, emails, landing pages, etc.) Primarily blog posts, articles
Pros * No need to find & manage writers yourself * Editorial review & progress visibility * Access to different content types * Large pool of pre-vetted writers * Flexible pricing options * Focus on content specific to bloggers’ needs
Cons * Potential for subpar content quality * Subscription fee (doesn’t include content cost) * May not be ideal for highly specific niches * Less control over writer selection * May require more editing on your end
Best for Businesses needing diverse content & outsourcing management Bloggers seeking pre-vetted writers for general content

Best Freelance Websites for Designers


You might have design competitions on 99designs based on your requirements, and you can select the best design. With the benefit of meeting a range of independent designers and creative ideas for your project, the website allows you to evaluate many options. Average Cost for Freelancers: $199 (includes many designs)

Design Crowd

Design Crowd allows you to design competitions for anything from print and web design to business logos. You should expect a variety of possibilities because each competition receives anywhere between 25 and 100+ design submissions.


Designers’ portfolios and other design exhibits are stored on Behance. Customers can confidently contact a freelancer on Behance, knowing that the Freelancer can provide excellent work because the examples posted are typically of exceptional quality. Time Spent Hiring: 3-10 days & Platform’s Cut: $59 posting fee + 4% transaction fee.

Platform Pros Cons Best for
99designs Affordable contests, wide designer pool, variety of ideas Lower quality submissions possible, time-consuming contests, finding the right designer Budget-conscious projects, getting a variety of design ideas
DesignCrowd Fast turnaround with contests, often quicker results Quality can vary, less designer interaction Quick turnaround times, simple projects
Behance Showcase your portfolio, get discovered by clients, design inspiration hub Not a direct freelance platform, needs a strong portfolio Building your design reputation, design inspiration

Best Freelance Websites for Developers


Toptal matches companies with highly skilled independent developers who have completed a thorough hiring process. With just a three percent admission rate, Toptal’s community can provide exceptional work of the greatest caliber for your projects—the average cost for freelancers is $60–200 per hour.


Consumers can request tech projects to be developed on demand on the Gigster website. Gigster combines a pool of over 700 elite freelancers for their clients with an organized approach to efficiency and quality.


More than 275 knowledgeable WordPress professionals are available on Codeable to handle your WordPress development and other WordPress tasks. With minimal stress and delay, Codable’s strict rules and techniques ensure high-quality work. Average for Freelancers. Cost: $60–$90 per hour.

Platform Pros Cons Best for
Toptal Top-tier talent, rigorous vetting, project management help High fees, limited freelancer control, might not be the best fit for small projects Critical projects needing proven talent, companies willing to pay a premium
Gigster Curated freelance network, builds dev teams, handles project management Less control over freelancer selection, project ownership falls on Gigster Complex projects requiring multiple developers, companies seeking hands-off approach
Codeable WordPress specialists, secure platform, project milestones Limited to WordPress projects, smaller talent pool compared to Toptal WordPress development needs, projects requiring deep WordPress expertise

Best Freelance Websites for Business Experts

Hourly Nerd

HourlyNerd (formerly Catalant) links companies with over 25,000 business professionals for project-based consulting. With 10% of the Fortune 1000 among its customers, Catalant’s broad experience in meeting business demands enables it to provide clients with exceptional outcomes.

Cloud Peeps

Companies can find hand-selected, experienced freelancers using Cloud Peeps to assist them in completing their jobs for various business needs. The precise selection of talent and extra matching for every activity contributes to improving the caliber of company outcomes—the average cost for freelancers is $30–$100 per hour.

MMO Freelance

Organizations can hire elite experts with experience at famous consulting companies like Bain, McKinsey, and BCG by using MMO Freelance. You can connect with a consultant on the platform in 48 hours and get started immediately.

Platform Pros Cons Best for
MMO Freelancers Lots of freelancers, many project types, potentially lower rates Quality can be inconsistent, requires more freelancer vetting, less established platform Budget-friendly projects, finding freelancers for niche tasks
CloudPeeps Focuses on remote work, curated freelancers, project management tools Limited project scope (often virtual assistant tasks) Finding virtual assistants or help with remote work tasks
Hourly Nerds Simple hourly billing, pre-vetted freelancers, transparent pricing Limited skills (web dev, marketing), might not be suitable for complex projects Short-term web development or marketing tasks

Best Freelance Websites for Virtual Assistants


For a fraction of the price of an in-office assistant, Zirtual provides you with access to a virtual assistant. At a starting price of $398 a month, Zirtual is an inexpensive option for time-pressed CEOs and business professionals. The average cost for freelancers is $398 per hour.

Worldwide 101

Via Worldwide 101, you can contact virtual assistants who can handle complex jobs. The platform is appropriate for companies with highly demanding processes since it only hires virtual assistants with at least seven years of aiding experience. Average for Freelancers. Cost: £340 for ten hours.


Fancy Hands A group of virtual assistants headquartered in the United States that complete tasks efficiently is called Fancy Hands.

Feature Zirtual Fancy Hands
Think of it as: Dedicated assistant On-demand task force
Worldwide Service: Limited (US-based assistants) Yes (English-speaking assistants worldwide)
Pros * Dedicated VA * Manages calendars, emails, scheduling, research * US-based assistants (clear communication) * 24/7 task submission * Wide range of tasks * Potentially lower cost
Cons * Limited hours * Commitment to same VA * Potentially higher cost * Not truly worldwide * No dedicated VA * Project-based approach * Quality may vary
Best for: Ongoing support, dedicated relationship (within business hours) One-off tasks, budget-friendly projects, worldwide needs (if communication in English is okay)

Here are some underrated freelancing websites for remote jobs:

  • DailyRemote: For freelancers, this online job portal selects remote work opportunities. Typically, they offer positions in data entry, writing, editing, and customer support.
  • Remote Tech Jobs: This is a brand-new work site created especially for freelancers in the technology sector. This is a fantastic platform if you are skilled in IT, programming, or development.
  • 1840 & Company: This brand-new marketplace links companies and freelancers. They provide a large selection of listings in multiple sectors.
  • CloudPeeps: This freelance website specializes in marketing and creative industries. They employ graphic designers, SEO specialists, and social media managers.
  • FreeeUp: This is a controlled marketplace that links companies with checked-out freelancers. This can be an excellent alternative if you’re a new freelancer searching for reputable customers.
  • Revelo: This is a platform for freelancers that specializes in producing content. This is a helpful website to check out if you work as a writer, editor, or translator.
  • Content: This is a freelance marketplace for content creators, especially writers and editors. They work with businesses to create high-quality content.
  • ServiceScape: This is a freelance marketplace that focuses on business services, such as bookkeeping, virtual assistance, and project management.
  • Wellfound (Formerly AngelList): This platform is not exclusively for freelancers but has a good selection of remote freelance jobs. They tend to focus on startups and high-growth companies.

These are just a few underrated freelancing websites you can use to find remote work. It is always a good idea to cast a wide net when looking for freelance jobs, so explore these and other options to find the best fit for your skills and experience.

Here are some key things to bear in mind while doing remote jobs online:

  • Communication is vital: Since you’re not physically in the same space as colleagues, proactive communication is essential. Regularly use chat, email, video calls, and project management software to stay on the same page and avoid misunderstandings.
  • Create a dedicated workspace: Working from the couch might sound appealing at first, but establishing a separate workspace helps with focus and professionalism. It can be a room or a designated corner, but having a work zone helps you mentally switch between work and relaxation modes.
  • Develop a routine and set boundaries: Remote work offers flexibility, but it’s essential to establish a routine and stick to it as much as possible. This includes setting work hours, taking breaks, and scheduling your workday to maximize productivity. Setting boundaries between work and personal life is essential to avoid burnout.
  • Stay connected and fight isolation: Remote work can be isolating. Try to stay connected with colleagues through virtual coffee breaks, online team-building activities, or casual chats.
  • Take care of yourself: Working from home can blur the lines between work and personal time. Make sure to schedule breaks, get up and move around, and take time for yourself to avoid burnout. This includes maintaining a healthy work-life balance and getting enough sleep.

Utilize the right tools: Many online tools and resources can help you work remotely more effectively. Explore project management software, communication platforms, and time management apps to streamline workflow and boost productivity.


We hope this information was helpful to you. Please share your thoughts with us by leaving a comment. By following these tips, you can set yourself up for success in remote work. We are available around the clock if you have any inquiries or are prepared to outsource any of your writing, research, design, or PowerPoint jobs.