Top Video Marketing Companies You Should Hire For Your Business

Top Video Marketing Companies You Should Hire For Your Business

If your company can’t keep creating video in-house, know that 90% of consumers make decisions based on video—including over 33% of Gen Z, who claim social and streaming video advertisements affect them most.

Good, fast, and cheap. The trio of video marketing. As they say, quick and affordable aren’t good, and sound and fast are costly. Don’t worry: With the correct partner video marketing agency, you can have it all.

You’ve got two choices: A traditional video marketing agency or a Creative-as-a-Service.

What a Video Marketing Agency Must Have

How do you encourage customers to click “play” on your website or YouTube from a written strategy document? We believe the key is to look for a video marketing company that upholds these five principles:

1. Flexibility

Traditional agencies provide various creative services but frequently need weeks’ notice to begin even simple jobs. If you need to test rapidly, you can’t wait that long for new assets without risking lost conversions.


Working with your staff at home can be just as much of a fight. You require creative assets, but the design needs to catch up, which means your campaign either performs less well than it could or is put on hold until you receive the assets, then repeats.

2. Transparency

To determine how best to use your money, you must know where it is going in real-time and how much is left.

Your monthly budget is fixed when you work with a video marketing agency, so you can concentrate on selecting the ideal combination of creative services you require each month rather than worrying about the numbers.

Are you increasing the standard on your YouTube channel? That month, put all of your time into your video hours. Should we temporarily move some production in-house or take our time with video clips? You can spend your hours across various design services with Superside and other companies to ensure you always get the most out of your monthly budget.

3. Versatility

Is he the master of all trades and a jack of none? This is untrue for CaaS providers. Some companies offer top-notch talent in all skill areas, so you can expand your team for whatever type of creative service you require, including social media, web design, video, graphics, and more, whenever you need it.

For the same price as a CaaS subscription, a similar in-house team of specialized specialists could not be created.

4. Reliability

Deadlines on your marketing calendar could be more flexible, and dealing with an unexpected asset backlog can cause significant disruptions to your objectives.

Sorting among a dozen skill-specific freelancers or agencies and getting them all to agree on a deadline is like trying to herd cats without a treat bag.

For trust, outsourcing all in one location, sleep easy with a Creative-as-a-Service subscription rather than springing upright in a cold sweat shrieking about channel-specific assets at four in the morning.

5. Scalability

Traditional marketing firms prefer to provide complete responses for every assignment. Sounds excellent until you realize it implies a kickoff, brand assessment, and concept presentation are required for every video project.

Who knows when the next great TikTok movement will occur or a brand-new social network will appear? As these inescapable events occur, you must be prepared.

By having hundreds of the most significant specialized individuals available to you whenever you need them and saving you money when you don’t, working with a CaaS agency is like having an extended in-house team.

Top Video Marketing Companies You Should Hire For Your Business

The Top 10 Video Marketing Companies

Differences between traditional and Creative-as-a-Service video marketing organizations are made clear by the five factors listed above. Although most businesses are best suited for the CaaS model, there are several circumstances in which traditional agency partnerships make more sense.

Consequently, traditional video marketing agencies round out our list, which begins with CaaS agencies.

1. Supersite (CaaS)

Best for: Scalable, hassle-free video promotion.

Well-established businesses are looking to boost productivity and efficiency without sacrificing extended lead times and with a constant, large quantity needed for video. For a fixed monthly fee, you may have a committed team that knows your brand and an adaptable strategy to manage everything from complete production to filling in specific gaps.

Services provided:

  • Motion Pictures
  • Animated graphics
  • Social media strategy and ideation
  • consulting for digital marketing
  • Access to other full-service design requirements, such as print, online, graphic, and branding design

In reality, most traditional companies must move slower for their monthly video marketing to stay on track. Furthermore, most freelancers need more expertise, so you will have to spend a lot of time managing multiple employees without an effective communication plan.

With Superside, you get the best of both worlds: the speed and single point of contact for engaging an employee or freelancer, the top talent, strategic guidance, and creativity that traditional agencies are known for.

As a result, your marketing approach will easily incorporate video marketing, establishing connections with your brand, social media accounts, and growth objectives.

Still trying to figure it out? Compared to hiring internally, a Superside subscription is 20 times faster and costs 50% less.

Pricing starts at $5,000 per month and can go up to $45,000 or more, depending on your demands. The budget can be applied to all Superside design services to provide a fully managed creative freelancing solution.

2. Kimp (CaaS)

Suntinuous demand for video tutorials.

Services provided:

  • Videos explaining things with animation
  • modifying already shot video for FAQs
  • Sample videos
  • Motion graphics and GIFs
  • Audio-grams
  • Graphic design for print and the web (add-on service)

Kimp is an excellent option for people with a lot of material they want to repurpose or who generate content in-house and need a post-production editing partner because they don’t offer on-location or custom video filming services.

Being a CaaS agency, you can access many projects and modifications within the monthly subscription fee. You must bring clear goals and aesthetic briefs, as Kimp’s services do not include the copywriting, concepts, and planning that Superside supplies.

It should be noted that edits of your film can only be edited for a maximum of 15 minutes, while their initial animated animations can only be two minutes long.

Pricing: Starts at $599/month.

3. Shuttlerock (CaaS)

Suitable for: Repurposing static images into advertisements.

Services provided:

  • Videos for advertisements
  • Motion design is the process of creating brief films out of still images.
  • static internet advertisements

AR filters as an add-on service for Snapchat, TikTok, and Meta

For new and growing websites looking to create social media video ads quickly, Shuttlerock is an excellent choice. They make brief, artistic videos from product photographs for use on e-commerce websites and in sponsored or organic social media campaigns.

Supersize also generates excellent video advertisements for you; however, if you need to outsource the creation of the ads and would instead build the rest of your marketing assets internally, Shuttlerock’s services might be more appropriate.

Shuttlerock only provides editing services; you must also offer post-production-ready video and photo footage, strategy, and brand assets. You can begin experimenting with paid advertisements with only a few product photographs; you don’t need to record any videos.

4. UnicornGO (CaaS)

Suitable for: Small companies and entrepreneurs.

Since UnicornGO only offers editing services, they are classified as a Creative-as-a-Service provider. This means they do not manage project management, strategic guidance, or on-location photography. However, UnicornGO can be a suitable option if you produce content internally and have a limited budget.Top Video Marketing Companies You Should Hire For Your Business

Their monthly membership options are the best option for small businesses that have yet to set a budget for video marketing. You can experiment with social media marketing, outsource editing YouTube videos, or produce more blog and social media material.

More prominent firms may have to search elsewhere for greater capacity, while tiny businesses or independent artists could still use this schedule.

Pricing: For one active project, the monthly rate is $399; for three active projects, it is $999.

5. 90 Seconds

Best for Individual projects or sporadic demands for video marketing.

Services provided:

  • coverage of the event on video
  • Company/brand narratives
  • filming videos on location
  • Post-production and video editing
  • Videos for advertisements
  • Production of live events and live streaming

Look into 90 Seconds if you already have a specific, large-scale video project in mind. Their website is organized as a marketplace for freelancers: Choose from a range of verified 90-second contractors after entering the kind of video you’re searching for and where it needs to be shot.

Selecting a pre-qualified 90-second freelancer might make you feel more at ease if you don’t already have a network of preferred contractors you can call upon when you need one for a video task.

Using 90 Seconds and similar agencies has the drawback of productizing video into rigid, pre-made packaging. This makes sense if the entire video project must be outsourced.

However, if you can handle part of the task internally, a productized strategy might not be the optimum use of your funds.

Custom project quotes are available from 90 Seconds, but these are suitable for one-time or unusual needs. Instead, consider working with one of the Creative-as-a-Service companies listed above if you have regular, monthly demands for video marketing.

Pricing: Project-based; final videos from on-location shooting costing at least $12,000; video editing starts at $1,000 and goes up from there.

6. Quickframe

Suitable for Establishing a large-scale campaign.

Services provided:

  • filming videos on location
  • Editing videos
  • Contractor synchronization
  • Project oversight

Another marketplace-style video agency, Quickframe lets you choose the best fit and swiftly produce content from a wide range of international talent pools by inviting pre-approved independent contractors to bid on your projects. They only provide video services, but they also have subscription plans for those who need them on an ongoing basis.

You must prepare your ideas, thoughts, and scripts in advance because Quickframe does not provide these services. Working with detached freelancers requires well-written creative briefs to acquire the desired footage.

Quickframe can assist in matching you with a perfect contractor for your campaign if you know what you need and can oversee various contractors. However, we recommend remaining with dedicated employees for continuous video promotion.

Pricing: Pre-screened contractors submit bids for your project after seeing your creative brief posted.

7. Video Supply

Suitable for: An automated YouTube channel.

Services provided:

  • YouTube marketing, encompassing SEO, publishing, and editing
  • Videos for online courses
  • Video scripting and tactics
  • creation of videos
  • Editing videos
  • Videos on products and e-commerce
  • advertisements on social media
  • unique undertakings

Video Supply provides both custom production work and video project packages. Their packages help outsource specific, continuing aspects of your video marketing, such as YouTube marketing. For instance, if you’re already proficient at shooting your own YouTube videos, you may increase capacity by contracting out the editing and even posting to Video Supply.

Although Creative-as-a-Service companies (like Superside) offer greater flexibility because your subscription gives you access to their whole service portfolio, these pre-defined bundles are still helpful for routine work. You can more easily adjust your budget to cover the tasks you need it for at the time and alter course if your needs or goals change.

Video Supply can be a fantastic choice if you want to manage your YouTube channel remotely as much as possible.

Cost: upon contacVidsy

8. Vidsy

Best for Social media video ad creation.

Services offered:

  • Original video ad creation
  • Streamlined influencer marketing management
  • Social media content

Vidsy, like Quickframe and other creator marketplaces, links global content creators with brands needing social media videos with a product focus. Vidsy is different, though, in that you get numerous creators working on your project for every creative brief you provide, which results in a greater variety of content alternatives.

Vidsy selects the creator for you instead of you selecting Quickframe, which guarantees you will receive several choices for each campaign. For the launch of a new product, for instance, this makes it simple to create an abundance of social media advertisements.

Significantly, Vidsy’s producers specialize in creating content for social media platforms, so the videos you receive are tailored for TikTok, Instagram Reels, and other platforms and include editing tools, caption styles, and other app-specific features. A tailored video for each channel is more critical for long-term success than squeezing the same video into different formats, viewers, and “vibes” on other platforms. (Really, it’s all about the vibes.)

Cost: upon contact.

9. Vidico

Suitable for: Producing commercial videos or brand stories.

Services provided:

  • Both in-studio and outside filming
  • Live-action videos and commercial talent
  • Videos showcasing brands
  • Motion Pictures
  • Animated graphics
  • Scriptwriting and Conceptualization
  • How-to and explanation videos

Vidico, an Australian company, produces live-action commercials for broadcast or streaming TV networks, working with clients worldwide. Or businesses that want to explain swiftly what they do on their website with a brand story video. In addition, Vidico offers motion graphic design and animation to help clients with software walkthroughs, electronics, and e-commerce.

As they manage your project from conception to editing, Vidic is the most “typical agency-like” company on this list. However, unlike traditional agencies, they are true specialists because they exclusively provide video services.

Suppose you want to produce something of TV quality. In that case, Vidico should be at the top of your choice for a fully outsourced experience, notably higher-budget video marketing projects like commercials.

Cost: Based on each job individually.

10. Yum Yum Videos

Best for: Full production of explainer or Kickstarter videos.

Services offered:

  • Animation
  • Live-action commercial filming
  • End-to-end production
  • Concepting and scripting
  • Tutorials and walkthroughs
  • Product Features
  • Social media videos

Offering a mix of custom animation and live-action filming, Yum Yum creates on-brand explainer videos to attract Kickstarter backers and investors or communicate what you do to customers.

In addition, they provide a variety of additional video formats, such as whiteboard animation, social media material, and tutorials. Yum Yum manages the entire process from conception to post-production, which is beneficial if you want to bounce concepts off an experienced team or are still determining precisely what you want out of a video project.

Cost: Based on each job individually.

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