Animation Style Types

Animation Style Types

Online marketing, television, and movies all use a variety of animation styles. It matters what kind of animation you employ, whether you’re presenting your story, advertising a product, or building a brand.

What kind of animation, then, should you employ? In our collection of animation examples, we address that question. You can see how we accomplished the intended result using various animation techniques. We’ve restricted our options to the most popular designs we employ for NGOs and companies.

Which kinds of animation styles are most popular?

The many animation techniques employed in films and television shows transport us to fantastical, fascinating, and educational settings.

Motion graphics, 3D animation, stop motion, claymation, cut-out animation, and whiteboard animation are among the most widely used animation genres. There are countless options, but the most commonly used are character and motion graphics. Animation is arranging visuals in a particular order to create the impression of motion.

Several graphics that changed in size and location at a pace of 12 frames per second were utilised in traditional animation. Creating animated videos has been altered and greatly simplified by modern animation software.

2D cartoon animation

Stories that have captivated us have been told using cartoon-style animation for decades. People find it simple to relate to, engage with, and recall stories conveyed through animated characters. We recommend using 2D cartoon techniques in your videos whenever possible.

Cartoon-style animation can be used to create captivating narratives about how your brand or business concept functions in the real world. Animated cartoons are more engaging content for landing pages and social media than text and static images.

As an illustration:

  • Wistia video thumbnail
  • Keebo
  • Wistia video thumbnail
  • IPGOBox
  • Wistia video thumbnail
  • Fujitsu
  • Wistia video thumbnail
  • Disability rights in Oregon
  • Wistia video thumbnail
  • Warner Brothers, AN
  • Wistia video thumbnail
  • Assurance Wilson
  • Wistia video thumbnail
  • EZ Pet
  • Wistia video thumbnail
  • Canada’s dairy farmers

2D motion graphics animation style

We employ a variety of animation styles in our marketing and advertising. Motion graphics are one example. These are just text and animated graphics in their most basic form. Regarding 2D animation, this is the most widely used style for explainer videos primarily because it may present data in text, graphs, figures, and statistics.

This kind of animation makes complex data sets more accessible by combining text, graphics, and images. See how other companies have effectively communicated their message with motion graphic videos. Contact us to discover which style will work best for your venture or concept.

As an illustration:

  • Abuzz Wistia video thumbnail
  • BlockdaemonCoPilot AI Copilot AI
  • Wistia video thumbnail
  • Make a claim.
  • A thumbnail image for a Wistia video
  • University of Western
  • Explainer, Dr. Bill
  • Dr. Bill Wistia’s thumbnail video
  • Wistia video thumbnail for votes
  • Collective Openbook
  • Brady Corp.’s Wistia video thumbnail

Style of 3D Animation

3D animation is a visually stunning form that brings you closer to virtual reality. It can imitate real-life items, people, and scenery. Because of this, it is the most fascinating animation style available. Although there are many different kinds of animation, we have decided to concentrate on the ones that affect our clients most.

Our objective has always been to include 3D animation in our process. As seen in some of our projects, we progressively incorporate 3D animations into our movies. This is an illustration of a video we created using complete 3D animation. There will be more videos soon.

2D whiteboard animation.

A common kind of animation used to produce fundamental storytelling movies is a “whiteboard video.” The hand-drawn animation captivates the audience as it depicts the event in real-time. There are countless options to produce excellent video material because of the style’s ability to create stunning images.

This style is well-suited to videos intended for educational purposes and information requiring intricate graphics. Small businesses and those on a tight budget appreciate it because it’s a quick and affordable choice. Learn more about the whiteboard video creation services we offer.

Examples: YEU Thermal Heating, Haakon; Oregon Department of Education, Environmental Sustainability; COQ Company Introduction

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