Concepts for Fundraising Videos and How to Create Your Own

Concepts for Fundraising Videos and How to Create Your Own

Concepts for Fundraising Videos and How to Create Your Own

Video storytelling is just one of the many excellent resources you have for fundraising. A compelling fundraising video can have a lasting effect on your viewers. Using storytelling, you can captivate their interest, appeal to their emotions, and inspire them to support your cause. To motivate donors with your message, you can use stories about your positive impact on people and the environment.

 Videos for Fundraising 

The fundraising video is one of the best resources nonprofits have for increasing awareness and donations. Videos for nonprofit organizations and fundraising have a lot of potential in the field of Internet video marketing. In their efforts to change the world, nonprofits increasingly turn to video production. If we examine the numbers closely, we see that nonprofit videos are becoming more successful and have a more significant stake in the market. As viewers, we’re becoming more engaged and want to contribute to the changes these videos bring about. These are the ten best fundraising and nonprofit videos we have found. Each combines engaging speech, gripping visuals, and fascinating music to arouse your interest and feelings.

How to make a video for fundraising

You may have a good cause but must figure out how to make a fundraising video. You’re in the proper location. Most people only have a little money to dedicate to a fundraising endeavor. To help you get started, we have put together some fantastic video ideas. Come up with a concept for a fundraiser video. Thoughtful brainstorming and innovative thinking might help you generate fantastic fundraising video ideas.

Script for fundraising

A vital initial phase in creating a video is writing a script. It establishes whether your video will be successful or not. Use a professional screenplay writer if you know you cannot do it yourself.

Make an animated film or record a live-action video.

You have three options for making the video: use your phone to record it, hire a camera, or collaborate with a pro video production business. This will all depend on your budget.

Decide where you want to take the video.

  • To ensure a high-quality image, make sure there is adequate illumination.
  • A microphone will improve the sound. A hands-free gadget can be attached to most phones. Your video’s quality will suffer from poor audio.
  • Hiring professional actors costs a lot of money unless you’re filming with your friends, family, or own team. Instead of using actors, consider collaborating with an animation company.

Make your objectives and purpose very apparent.

  • Your supporters seek a solid incentive to contribute to your cause. You should be able to respond to questions like:
  • What is the aim of the fundraising campaign?
  • After they are received, how will the money be used?
  • How and for whom will your fundraising efforts be beneficial?
  • What difference will my little donation make?

Justify their donation to your cause.

People tend to contribute from the heart; therefore, your message should emotionally resonate with your donors. They will be motivated to take action if you can arouse their compassion for the situation.

The Girl Effect

Among the most famous nonprofit films is the one featuring the girl effect. It keeps us riveted to the screen because it is visually stunning and pulls us into the narrative. Even though the subject is not the most thrilling, it does help us confront a terrible problem that women worldwide deal with. Ultimately, it inspires hope and motivates us to act to change things.

You may view it here:

Neil Squire

Neil Squire Among the most poignant and inspiring videos about developing assistive technology for individuals with impairments is this one. The compelling narrative of the explainer film evokes strong feelings in viewers and inspires them to lend a hand. They aim to make all disabled people feel included in society and the economy. To realize this goal, Makers Making Change uses the abilities of volunteers, occupational therapists, and Makers in the community to create and provide accessible open-source assistive technology.

You may view it here:


A nonprofit group dedicated to animal welfare, the British Columbia Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals promotes laws protecting animals, manages animal shelters, and organizes public awareness campaigns and educational seminars in British Columbia, Canada.

This is the URL:

First Descents

Even nonprofit videos can showcase your company to the general public. The First Descents attest to this. This movie will introduce every viewer to the organization, its founder, programs, and core values in just over two minutes. The fact that the video creators employ shots rather than words is their most potent move. Each outlines the program’s features, the processes involved, and the organization’s primary goal.

You may view it here:

Save the children.

If we were to take a pill, most people who watch this would rank it as one of their all-time favorite marketing videos. Save the Children is one of the most moving accounts about war-affected children. It draws particular attention to the helpless small creatures from conflict areas like Syria.

You may view it here:

The Impossible Hug

The Impossible Hug brings up an issue that needs to be addressed. It does not use music, which is a bold move for most, but the organization does a fantastic job conveying its message. This animated video successfully captures the audience using sound design and images to express emotion and story.

You may view it here:

Mama Hope

Demonstrating an issue is frequently the most effective method to draw attention to it and should not be done depressingly. The Mama Hope film shows how effective humor can be in bringing attention to a severe and pervasive issue. In this video, the defined image of African men is mocked. However, the video’s most compelling feature is the way it skillfully blends humor with a message to challenge defined thinking. The organization promotes educational empowerment and its core goals through a humorous film.

You may view it here:

Charity: Water

Charity: Water is becoming a very well-liked and reputable storyteller. Their fight’s primary focus is ensuring everyone can access clean, safe, and healthy water. Even though many people might consider this an ordinary and uninteresting idea, the storyteller shows us otherwise. Charity: Water is the best example of the beautiful video content on their website. They only employ clever storytelling techniques to make it engaging and coherent. The finished product is a nonprofit video that masterfully moves, informs, and teaches its viewers throughout its brief running time.

You may view it here:


Explanatory videos that last more than two minutes are typically less prosperous and less well-liked. However, because of its captivating plot, The Childline is an exception in this case. The filmmakers employ abstract imagery and sound design to elicit strong emotions in viewers about the pain and anguish endured by the sexually assaulted children.

The link:

The Alliance for Rainforests

Rainforest Alliance is a must-watch if you need inspiration to make a video that motivates action rather than just awareness-raising. The creators of the footage inspire viewers to build achievable and meaningful action plans with an intelligent and humorous touch. With just a few films, it does a fantastic job of igniting our desire to protect our rainforests. After watching this, only a few people will have a simple plan to support this cause.

You may view it here:

Slaying Childhood Cancer

The simplicity of this video is its most striking feature. The central theme of Killing Childhood Cancer is one battler’s raw account. Overall, it’s a touching, heartfelt, humorous, tragic, and inspirational depiction. A father documents his young daughter’s fight against cancer. You can’t help but grin and cry as you watch the father’s inspirational story about his courageous daughter and his own traumatic experience. This movie shows how an intimate and emotional story may be as captivating and exciting as large-scale productions.

You may view it here: 

Last Words

There are many excellent examples of video marketing on the internet, but few have engaging nonprofit and fundraising videos. Since these movies promote a good or service that the viewer may find personally helpful, many people prefer to ignore them when they appear online.

However, incredibly engaging nonprofit and fundraising videos are also out there that captivate audiences. These are all about the fascinating, profoundly touching, and perplexing individual experiences of those around us. The plot, the conversation, the efficient use of digital video technologies, the execution, and the delivery are all crucial components of a successful nonprofit video.

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