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Today you can learn to download smart card online from our website. Those who are over 18 years of age and have applied for National Identity Card, download the online smart card from our website today. Moreover, waiting for a hardcopy of a smart card may take longer. So you can work with online copy of smart card in case of any emergency. So let us give you detailed information about this and see which method you can follow to download smart card online.
To download a smart card online, you need to access the website. Then you will get many options at the top and from that option you have to go to the option called Other Information. Once there, you will find an option called Voter Information and click on that option.
Then three empty cells will come in front of you and you have to fill three empty cells. In the first cell, enter the NID card number you already received. And if you have not received the NID card, then you have to write the number on the registration slip for the voter ID card. Fill in his own date of birth and the captcha below correctly.
If you go to the next house, you will get the name of the owner of the ID and other correct information according to the number of the national identity card you have given. At the same time you will get a 10 digit national identity card number and this number is smart card number. You copy or collect the number of the smart card.
Then you will get an option called registration and by clicking on that option you will go to the next cell. There you need to open a special account. Because no one else will be able to save this online copy with your national identity card number later. For that you will click on the option called Claim Your Account.

Then go to the next room and give your NID card number. You saved this card number a while ago. Go to the room next to her, enter your date of birth again and fill out a captcha correctly.
In the next cell you will enter the current address and permanent address. Then you need to create a user ID and set a password. You can then login again later with the user ID and password and collect the online copy again. You will then be given a mobile number in the next cell which will go to a six digit OTP number.
Save the OTP number and enter the OTP number in the blank space. Go to the room next to it and you will get a username and password. Of course, any passwords and usernames used on this website cannot be used. What you use must be unique. Go to the room next to it and there you will find the download option below. You can download the online copy of the national identity card smart card by clicking on that download option.
An NID card and a voter ID card are essential for each person to be identified as a citizen of any country. If you do not have an NID card or ID card, you will not be considered a citizen of that country.

If you want to identify yourself as a citizen of a country, it is very important to have your ID card or voter ID card or NID card. Only then will you be considered a citizen of that country.
If you have a voter ID card or smart card, you are a citizen of that country. And if you want you can check the smart card or voter ID card online or download the smart card online, then what is the matter. Isn’t that funny? At present online copies of all types of memory cards, voter ID cards can be easily downloaded. You can check your voter ID card online if you want. Today I am going to share with you how you can collect your ID card online or download smart card. So let’s take a look at the methods

Rules for getting new voter ID card or checking with slip number of voter registration form.
No need to rush anywhere to check all voter ID cards. Because from now on national identity card will be available online. If you want to get an online copy of the voter ID card, you can get it at home by following a few steps.

Currently we try to do all the work online. Online has made our lives easier. Working online saves us a lot of time. In a short time we get many kinds of benefits. In addition, we have a huge travel problem. We don’t want to go out for traffic. So we do our work online. Many of us cannot go to different government offices for our work or problems. So to get rid of our problems we meet our needs online. Every citizen needs a national identity card or ID card. And this ID card is very important for us. Because we need a lot of hard work for this. It is basically the only identity card of a country. We can easily create an ID card with all the information of an ID card through online. Moreover, if you need to correct the ID card, you can easily. And those new voters will get their ID card by applying online. You have to go to the administrative office and stand for hours to get the identity card. But you don’t have to stand online for hours.

How to view new ID card
After applying for a national identity card, you will be able to view your new identity card online. When you first fill out a paper form to become a voter, you are given a bottom of the form. That section is called the Voter ID Card Search Form. You need a .6 number to check your voter ID card online. Or you can get this number from National Identity Card. You can check your voter ID card using this number.

Download National Identity Card Amendment Form
If you want, you can now collect National Identity Card or National Identity Card information online. Anyone can now correct or change any wrong information on NID card online. Your name, parent’s name, address or picture can be corrected if any information is incorrect. Failure to modify the NID card may interfere with your administrative work.

How to view your voter ID card
You can view your voter ID card online. You can see your national identity card only by searching for NID card by entering your ID card information in the right place on the website.

Rules for checking national identity card

When you become a voter, you need to get a voter ID card form from the government and fill it out. When you submit this form, the government will inform you when your new voter ID card will be issued. However, this voter ID card will usually be received within three to six months. If you need an ID card on an emergency basis, you can apply for an ID card on an emergency basis.

When will the new voter ID card be issued?

The Election Commission of Bangladesh will be able to collect voter ID cards for issuing ID cards on an emergency basis. Moreover you can meet your need with online copy of ID card.

National identity card with mobile number
One of the misconceptions among many of us is to know the national identity card information with mobile number. However, this is not possible. Only employees under National Identity Card can know the information of National Identity Card including mobile number. Voter ID Card Approved Officers of the Election Commission Office All the officers can know the number of National Identity Card through mobile.

Voter ID card correction

Anyone can easily change and correct the information of the national identity card of Bangladesh. This task has now been made easier through the online process and so has the Government of Bangladesh and the Election Commission.

What it takes to correct a voter ID card
The information you can change or modify to apply for a National ID Card online is:

Change of personal information (name, date of birth, parent’s name)
Address change (permanent-temporary address)
Voter area change (the area in which you are a voter)
Image change (if your image is blurry)
N ID Card / Voter ID Card Reprint (if unclear)
Rules for changing or correcting information or images
Below are step-by-step instructions for changing or modifying NID images or other information online:

After registering on the website, login to the account with the required information. After logging in you will see a web page like this.
After logging in, click on the Profiles tab. You will see all your personal information (such as name, date of birth, place of birth, parent’s name, etc.) in the profile tab.
From here you can change your information.
Click the Edit button to see the applicable or charges for changing National Identity Card information. Information about your applicable fees or charges will be displayed here.
From here, clicking the “Apply” button will take you to the profile edit page that looks like this.

From this page you can change all the information of your NID (name, date of birth, blood group, birth registration number, parents name etc.).

You will have to pay a certain amount of fee to perform this task in this process. You will not be able to proceed to the next step until the fee is paid. And to pay this fee you can pay through all the banks.

How to pay the fee-

Now enter the mobile banking app of your choice, go to “Pay Bill” option and search by typing “1000”, “EC Bangladesh” option will come up.
Select the option. Then enter your NID card number correctly. Now the money sent for your specific NID card number will be credited.
Then click on the “Application Type” text. Now enter the number as per your requirement here.
After filling in all the information correctly, click on “Validate”. Then press “OK”. Enter the short form of your name in the “Biller Short Name” box. How much money will be sent? You will see information about him.
You need to complete the process with the PIN of your mobile banking account. You will receive a receipt if the process is completed correctly.
Fee Payment Process-

Now reload the transaction page. The money paid after reloading will be displayed here.
Then click the “Next” button. Here you will need a scanned copy of SSC exam certificate or birth certificate to verify your information. Add this certificate and click the “Next” button.

Rules for creating voter ID cards online
First your Election Commission website http: //www.nvsp. You need to log in.
Click on your “Register for New Voter ID Card” option. Or due to relocation from another constituency.
Now after opening Form 7, you need to fill the form. Choose your language and fill out the form. Remember, flip the form carefully because whatever you type here will be visible on your voter ID card.
Then you need to upload some documents (such as scanned copy of photo, proof of age and address).
You have to look at everything and submit
All your information is correct but within 1 month your voter ID card will be posted in your home.

Online copy of Voter ID Card
An online copy of the voter ID card is issued online to use your national identity card for important military purposes. And now it is called online voter ID card.

Online copy of Voter ID Card

If the slip number of the voter registration form is lost
Don’t worry if the slip number of the voter registration form is lost. If this slip is lost, go to the nearest police station and make a simple GD. Then the government will inform you through mobile message. This way you will find your slip.

Smart Card Download Rules – Collect your ID card online
You need to go to the Election Commission’s website to download your smart card.

Rules for downloading smart cards

Then go to smart card download option and click here. After clicking here you will get soft copy and pdf of voter ID card. Now you can download your voter ID card or smart card by clicking on PDF download option.

Question and answer regarding voter ID card
1. How to correct voter ID card information?
Answer: Voter ID Card Registration Wing / Upazila / Thana / District Election Office to apply for correction of incorrect information. Adequate suitable documents for correction should be attached with the application form.

2. Does the card have any record of any correction? Answer: The records of all the amendments are stored in the central database of the government.

3. If the father / husband / mother is mistakenly declared dead, which certificate should be submitted for correction?
Answer: In order to correct the identity card due to wrong mention of living father / husband / mother as dead, the identity card of suitable person has to be submitted.

4. I am married, my card has father without husband written on it. How do I fix this?
Answer: You have to apply to the concerned Upazila / Thana / District Election Office with proof that you are not unmarried.

5. What is the process of adding husband’s name after marriage?
Ans: Attach photocopy of marriage certificate and husband’s identity card and apply at NID Registration Wing / concerned Upazila / Thana / District Election Office.

. Marriage is divorce. How to delete husband’s name?
Ans: You need to attach all the documents (divorce papers) related to divorce and apply to NID Registration Wing / concerned Upazila / Thana / District Election Office.

. I got newly married after divorce. Now how do I add the name of the current wife instead of the name of the previous wife?
Ans: You have to apply by filling up the correction form of all the documents of first divorce and subsequent marriage (divorce letter and cabinet letter).

. I want to change my profession but how can I do it?
Answer: You have to submit authentic documents in NID register

9. Picture of ID card

Unclear, what to do to change the picture?
Answer: In this case you have to apply in person at the National Identity Registration Department.

10. What documents need to be submitted after applying for correcting the spelling of one’s / father’s / husband’s / mother’s name?
Answer: Attested copy of SSC / Equivalent Certificate or Birth Certificate, Passport, Citizenship House, Job Certificate, Marriage Certificate, Attested Copy of Father / Husband / Mother’s National Identity Card.

Important: NID card or voter ID card is a citizen’s right. Citizens will be able to identify themselves through this voter ID card. Losing this ID card is a problem but there is no reason to worry. Because if the ID card is lost, you can go to any police station near you and make a GD, then you will get your ID card back.

This way you can collect your ID card online. We have tried to solve any problem with your smart card or voter ID card. Hope we can solve your problem.

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